This has been a fantastic four months of blogging, for those who were not aware, I started this blog for a class. I went into this experince not knowing if I would like it, and just thinking that it would be tedious for me to do every week. However, I am happy to say that I was pleasntly suprised at how much I enjoyed doing this. It makes such a difference when you are able to write about something you are actually passionate about for a grade instead of being given a topic.

I am not suprised that my best week, when looking at the analytics given to me from WordPress, my first week was my most successful when it came to views. When looking back on this, I could see that it was because I not only shared my first article on Twitter, as was assigned, I also shared it on Facebook. I used to write for The Odyssey, and would advertise my posts on Facebook; once I started blogging I stopped writing for The Odyssey. However, the audience I had built on Facebook while I was writing for The Odyssey followed me to this blog, and read my first post. I was not worried when my readership dropped down after my first post, becuase I knew that it was because I wasn’t utilizing my Facebook audience that I have already developed.

When it comes to suprises during this endeavor there were actually a lot. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this CMS (content management system) and so I wished that I knew more coming in so that my blog could have been polished and exactly how I would have wanted it to start with. I also was not sure how far my posts would go, I had mulitple readers across the world in places like Japan, India, Brazil, and Canada; this was crazy for me to think about, because no one imagines that their work would be read by someone on the opposite side of the world from them.

This was a fantastic experience, that I cannot wait to continue into my college career. It has given me a taste as to what my future as a theatre journalist has in store, and I could not be more excited. Thank you for a fantastic first couple of months with this, here’s to the next couple of years.