As a proud TXST student, I am always looking for peers to support and send some love to. So, I was very excited when I learned that one of the members of the 2017 BFA Musical Theatre students, the incredibly talented Maggie Bera, was not only a fantastic actress, but also an amazing blogger.

Maggie Bera

Actor Aesthetic is an “actor lifestyle” blog, meaning it encompasses everything from finding the perfect audition outfit, to a conversation about LGBT represetnation in Disney movies. What is perhaps the bests part of Actor Aesthetic is the voice that Bera writes with. It is right on the line fo beng conversational, while still being professional, so it truly emphasizes how informed she is on her posts which is incredibly impressive.

The content she posts is something that not many theatre bloggers cover. Bera is not afraid to talk about the politics that are going on in the acting world, and isn’t afraid to show her opinion over these topics. But, Bera does a fantastic job at mixing the stronger and more opinionated posts with lighter material that is not only relatable, but is also incredibly endearing to the reader.

I am also proud to say that I was able to see Bera perform in The World According to Snoopy as Lucy Van Pelt, and I can say that Bera is not only a fantastic writer, but an incredible actress as well. It is clear from seeing both Actor Aesthetic and her work onstage that she truly loves every single aspect of her craft, and wants to share it with the world, and as a member of said world I say: please, share away.