Ryan Scott Oliver has been a huge name in upcoming talent for Broadway. RSO has been responsible for  35mm: A Musical Exhibition, Jasper in Deadland and Darlingall of which are growing in popularity among younger audiences.

RSO is known for his poignant pieces of music that speaks not only to the strange world in which they inhabit but the world as we know it today.

With RSO being a gay man, living in a world where there are still hate crimes happening everywhere, his new album highlights the horror of being considered an outsider for being different. RSO takes the idea of homosexuality and inserts it into the H. P. Lovecraft story “The Outsider”.
The music itself is dark and yet still full of that hopeful energy that the main character has when it comes to the beginning half of the story. However, when the main character understands the truth of humanity and how evil it can be to an outsider, that hopeful energy becomes angry and manic. The styling is very folksy with plenty of acoustic guitars and the occasional fiddle player.

The vocalists on this album are phenomenal! With Nicholas Christopher (HamiltonMotown) providing the voice of the “Teller” or the main character whose eyes we see the story from. Christopher does a fantastic job giving such a vulnerability to the Teller while still giving him this guarded self that makes it that perfect amalgamation of a character that is intriguing and also so violently flawed, but like the listener doesn’t see it. There’s a moment in “The Gayest Revelry” where he is pleading with the pale, young stranger whom he has fallen in love with; Christopher gives this moment such a betrayed sound that it is impossible to not be heartbroken along with the Teller.

Otherbody: a Brief Musical Allegory, is a perfect allegory for what this world could be for not only homosexuals but all minorities if we don’t protect them. Considering that this was originally written in 2012, the fact that Otherbody is still incredibly poignant shows not only a great deal about our society but the timelessness of RSO’s writing.

You can get Otherbody: A Brief Musical Allegory is available on Itunes and Spotify, as well as on RSO’s website: http://ryanscottoliver.com